Land Rover Strikes Back Against Potholes

Hitting a pothole is sure to send many of into a fit of curses. It is never a fun experience, and we all do our best to avoid them when possible. Land Rover is certainly empathetic when it comes to potholes, and they are developing technology to help us steer clear of them.

With Pothole Alert Technology, Land Rover vehicles can gather information on potholes from their size, severity, and location, and relay that data to other connected vehicles on the road, so they get an alert to avoid the pothole, along with public works, who can prioritize repairs of potholes on the streets of Dallas, TX and beyond.

It's very cool, and something we believe every car from new Land Rover models, to everything else should have it. Until then, you can stop in and see us here at Land Rover Dallas. Our team would be happy to answer any questions you might have, and highlight all the key features in our selection of luxury vehicles.

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