Why You Should Never Ignore Your Engine's Timing Belt

Your engine's timing belt is probably not the first thing you think of when your car is due for maintenance. However, if you ignore your engine's timing belt and it fails, or you are not familiar with this car part, it could mean disaster for your car.

When your timing belt fails or jumps off its gears, the valves inside your cylinders can hit one or more pistons, which leads to severe damage. Timing belts fail when car owners neglect to regularly change them as part of routine maintenance. Although timing chains and belts have been around since the advent of the automotive industry, they are easily subject to a chemical breakdown from regular vehicle wear and tear. Additionally, it is very difficult to find new parts that were damaged by a timing belt failure.

Avoid spending thousands of dollars in repairs from a failed timing belt by letting one of our technicians service your vehicle at Land Rover Dallas.

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