2016 Land Rover Range Rover Walk Around

Call the Range Rover’s lines streamlined classic, modern box. Windshield ever so slightly swept back, to a roof that appears to float, and a tail that’s ever so slightly swept up, with a split tailgate.

Its profile is SUV, while its lines are all clean, no chrome or crap on the sides. You would never mistake it for a Cadillac Escalade.

It’s contours are aero, even at the front end, with thin LED headlamps. Thanks to the slim roof pillars finished in black, the roof appears to float.


The front seats are tall and the glass low, so you feel like the king of the road, sitting above them all in luxury and isolation. You’ll be surrounded by rich wood, supple leather and elegant metals, not seen since the last time you climbed in your Bentley. There’s an amazing number of finishes and colors to choose from: 37 exterior colors, 17 interior colors, and three veneers. Earthtones galore.

The air suspension can be set at a step-in height. Reclining rear seats can be heated, ventilated and massaged, with enough leg room to stretch The long-wheelbase model is like a limousine SUV.

There is no instrument cluster. The driver’s view of the high-tech instrument panel is dominated by two large LCD screens, a 12.3-inch screen replacing the cluster, and an 8.0-inch touchscreen in the centerstack for infotainment, whose interface won’t win any Apple fans. Fortunately there are steering-wheel thumb controls for some functions, namely audio. Below that touchscreen are manual climate controls.

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