2017 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Driving Impressions

The Evoque moves quickly and confidently, behind its solid powertrain. The 9-speed transmission is shared with other manufacturers that haven’t calibrated their versions as well; in the Evoque it shifts smoothly, skipping the hesitation we’ve found in other cars with the same unit, though we don’t love it. The transmission helps with the fuel mileage, with those tall top gears.

The engine is flexible with heaps of turbo torque at low revs. It’s good in slow city traffic and high-speed passing, not to mention trails. However under hard acceleration it’s coarse, having more noise and vibration than it should, as a high-priced Range Rover.

Its handling makes it feel like a car. It’s nimble and balanced, with electric power steering that responds to light, crisp inputs, as does its independent suspension; so keep an eye out for the light, crisp bumps. With the Dynamic package, adaptive magnetic dampers offer improved ride quality and body control. The torque-vectoring system reduces understeer in hard corners.

For trail riding, the short overhangs and good ground clearance enable the Evoque to ride over obstacles. We got some seat time offroad, and the Evoque did as much as any other compact crossover we’ve driven. For the most part, the Evoque has the off-road ability owners seek. The standard Terrain Response system has Normal, Snow, Mud & Ruts, and Sand modes.

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