2017 Land Rover Range Rover Driving Impressions

Piloting a Range Rover, you expect off-road abilities that reach well above the SUV pack, and that’s precisely what you get. At the same time, its prowess on paved roads and freeways is at least as impressive. Overall performance, ride comfort, and handling talents all qualify as stellar. Long stretches of pavement might produce an easygoing sensation. But when the road (or lack of same) grows challenging, the Range Rover maintains its composure and unrestrained confidence.

Maneuvering through traffic, the massive Range Rover remains poised and yields a supple, gratifying ride. Credit goes to its advanced suspension, based upon air springs and adaptive dampers. That air suspension is adept at coping admirably with even the worst highway conditions, and it smoothly manages rough roads, abrupt driveway transitions and other daily challenges.

Most buyers might be wholly content with the base V6 engine.

The turbodiesel feels muscular underway, while achieving greater fuel economy, but it doesn’t have the immediate responsiveness of the gasoline engines.

Stepping up to the 510-horsepower V8 reduces 0-60 mph acceleration time by 2 seconds, compared to the gas V6. Dynamic Response, using active anti-roll bars and standard on supercharged V8 models, helps counteract body lean while taking corners. It also feels more responsive when gliding around town.

Off-road, low-range helps the big Range Rover climb or ease down seriously steep grades. Wheel travel is considerable at 10.2 inches front and 12.2 inches rear, and the adaptive air suspension can raise ground clearance to 12.2 inches.

For what you get, fuel economy isn’t bad. The gas V6 is EPA-rated at 17/23 mpg City/Highway, or 19 mpg Combined. Picking a V8 drops the estimate to 14/19 mpg City/Highway, or 16 mpg combined. Way thriftier is the diesel, EPA-rated at 22/28 mpg City/Highway, or 24 mpg Combined. Each V8 includes an automatic stop/start system.

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