2017 Land Rover Range Rover Walk Around

Today’s Range Rover retains some classic design touches, blended with modern aerodynamic influences. Even the base model exudes an imposing appearance, while Autobiography editions add subtle styling elements. Either way, the Range Rover is easily recognizable at a glance, with a smartly classy aura that conveys self-assured strength.

Critics might say that the current version is less audacious than some competitors. Unlike some of them, however, the Range Rover hasn’t veered too far away from its traditional form. Long-wheelbase versions are almost 8 inches longer than their standard-wheelbase mates.


If any vehicle indisputably deserves a full score of 10 for stunning cabin accommodations, it’s the Range Rover. Each model delivers prodigious comfort for up to five passengers. Even the base upholstery is trimmed with soft leather.

Head room, leg space, and shoulder room excel in both front and rear. Judged by the view ahead, the driver’s position comes mighty close to perfection. Abundant glass and a low dashboard help provide unmatched views both forward and toward either side.

Long-wheelbase models have an extra 7.3 inches of back-seat legroom. An Executive Class option, available on some long-wheelbase models, reconfigures the cabin to four seats, adding a carefully-detailed central console.

Even a Range Rover can have a flaw or two. For one, the touchscreen’s interface can be obtuse to use. Few actual buttons are present, but big, twin LCD screens take the place of traditional gauges and control infotainment functions.

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