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When you bring your vehicle in to our service center location for a routine oil change, there are some different options you can select from. There are multiple brands of oil filters and oil types that you can choose from. Of course, we want to make the process easy for you, so we will give you our recommendation of a product that will work best with your vehicle. You have the choice between synthetic oil and conventional oil. These two products are quite different and they each have pros and cons associated with them.

Synthetic oil is something that is made by man in a plant or factory. It is not natural. This might sound like a negative factor but in fact, synthetic oil can have many benefits thanks to the fact that is doesn’t often contain many impurities because of its formulation. It is also more affordable typically.

Let our experienced team help you figure out if synthetic or conventional motor oil is right for your vehicle. Come to Land Rover Dallas soon!

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