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A flat tire is one of the most dreaded and common vehicle breakdowns, and it can happen to anyone without warning. Drivers are often confused about which type of spare to have as a backup. We have two main options that include full-sized spare tire versus the compact or donut spare tire. Each choice has many advantages as well as disadvantages aspects.

The full-sized option is the best choice for individuals that drive long distances. The full-sized version can be driven as long as you prefer. They don’t cause any issues with the suspension while using the full-sized choice. They do take up valuable truck space and they are heavier to handle for drivers. The added weight can decrease fuel economy. The full-sized tire should be rotated so it can ride evenly with the other tires. SUVs and large trucks can’t utilize a compact spare due to their high center of gravity.

The compact tire is smaller and easier to handle than the full-sized spare. They can only be used about 50 miles before they can damage the suspension of the car. They don’t take up as much trunk space as well as less impact on the environment.

We can assist clients in spare tire selection and/or upgrade at Land Rover Dallas.

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