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Dirty tires are not only an eyesore, they can hinder your automobile’s overall performance and longevity. If they are not cleaned regularly, the road grime will eventually erode them to the point where an early replacement will be necessary to avoid dry rotting. Here are some useful ways to keep your tires looking fresh and performing at their expected level of function.

Although some tire companies have different recommendations for cleaning methods, they may sometimes conflict with what is said by other automobile professionals. The standard technique when in doubt is to use the rudimentary method of soap and water, so long as the soap is safe to use on the tires. Pressure washing may also help, yet may not get rid of all the dirt that clings to the sidewalls. It might be necessary to use a hard brush to handle such conditions. When this is finished, use a microfiber cloth to dry.

Road conditions can wreak havoc on your tires fast, especially when they are not properly clean. Remember these cleaning tips before you set off on the road again. For more car maintenance advice, come and talk to us at Land Rover Dallas for all the information that you need!

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