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You should never neglect vehicle fluids. This could lead to horrible consequences for your vehicle. Each fluid has a part in keeping your vehicle safe. Each fluid does a job. What are the fluids?

Oil is the top fluid people associate with vehicles. Your oil helps the motor run smoothly. Your oil needs to be changed regularly. Most vehicles need an oil change every few months or every several thousand miles. This is often depicted in the owner’s manual.

Your transmission fluid is also vital. It helps your vehicle shift from gear to gear without a struggle. Lower levels could change that.

Your brake fluid is invaluable. You need solid brakes to stop. The fluid in the brakes helps you utilize your brakes without much effort. Lower levels could lead to rough brakes or brakes that don’t react as well.

You also have power steering fluid. Turning a wheel without power steering fluid is nearly impossible. Lower levels aren’t good.

Coolant is another fluid vehicles need. It helps protect the motor and keeps things cool.

Our professional technicians are ready to assist you with your vehicle fluids. We can provide a check-up. You only need to schedule an appointment.

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