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Towing is for the rugged at heart. You do not, however, want to wear out your vehicle because you were careless with your actions. Here are two things recommended by our car repair and maintenance that you’ll want to remember when you are hauling extra weight.

1. Familiarize yourself with the recommended load weights>/b>

It is not a good idea to load more onto your trailer than your vehicle can handle. Remember that the transmission and engine must work overtime when you have extra things, such as boats or large carriers, attached to the back. It is a good idea to learn the recommended weight limits and strive to stay within those reigns.

2. Make sure the lights on your trailer are bright and functioning

Accidents happen when people fail to inspect. You want to make sure that everyone on the road knows that you are carrying additional weight.

So you want to learn more about towing capacity and safety, right? Stop by Land Rover Dallas for a more detailed session!

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