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People often underestimate the importance of their dashboard lights. These lights serve to shed some light on a situation when some kind of issue has been detected in your car, and they should never be ignored when they light up. Our service center here at Land Rover Dallas has created a list of the most common and important warning signs that you should always keep an eye out for. Keeping an eye out for these lights on the dash can increase the lifespan of your car as you drive around the city of Dallas!

Oil Pressure Warning: If the light for this is on, it means there is low oil pressure. It can be easily fixed by changing the oil fluid.
Temperature of Transmission: If your transmission is at an extremely high temperature, be sure to check the engine fluids, especially the coolant level.
Lastly, the brake system: this can be due to low brake fluid or a faulty anti-lock brake system. Be sure to check on this of the three regularly because you won’t want to find out your brake system isn’t working until it’s too late.
Our service team at Land Rover Dallas has the experience to understand and handle warning lights, come get your car checked out at our dealership!

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